The new COVID-19 strain was suspected in the United Kingdom, it can be spread very fast when compared to the old ones. The new COVID-19 strain has created panic and fear worldwide. Given the latest crisis, nearly 40 countries have canceled flights to and from Britain to contain the newfound COVID-19 strain.

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Neighboring Scotland had already closed its border and bands all kinds of travel from the United Kingdom. And also, France, Paris, South Africa, India, and Germany have banned their travels from the UK.


All UK flights have been banned until December 31. People who arrived from Britain on transit flights are being tested for COVID-19 at the airports and they can be moved to quarantine for 14 days.


All the incoming UK flights have been banned in Poland.


The France country has stopped all travel from Britain for the next 48 hours. This is also applicable to goods transport too by road, air, sea or rail.


Germany has extended a travel ban on all arrivals from the UK and South Africa until January 6 to stop the spreading.

Spain and Portugal:

The countries have banned flights from the UK but Madrid is letting its residents enter from Britain.

Hong Kong:

All the incoming UK flights have been banned and the quarantine period of passengers who arrived in the last 14 days has been increased.


Flights from the UK banned until April 1, 2021. Because of COVID-19


Flights from Britain have been banned for 48 hours.


All incoming flights from Britain are banned. Also, people who have been in the UK during the last 14 days are not allowed to enter the country. One person has been found positive with a new strain.


All the flights from the UK have been suspended for a week.


Canada too has banned all UK flights for the next 72 hours.


Flights from Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, and South Africa stand suspended.

Middle East:

Saudi Arabia and Oman are shutting their borders for a week, and Israel has decided to prohibit entry to foreign citizens traveling from Britain, Denmark, and South Africa. Jordan too has banned UK flights for the next 14 days.

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