Google flight is one of the best options to search for your flight, it is a powerful search engine with a hell of a lot of options. Using google flights you can get the best flights from your destination to departure and in addition to this, you can save a lot of money. using Google Flight you can book your Flight Ticket very easily and very cheap cost.


Tips to book flight

  • Multiple searches, you can enter up to 7 departure and 7 destinations, this will allow you to have, multiple searches in one go, this will help you to save your time and will convert the process from very tedious to very simple. One of the things here to note is that you can search for the best option all at once, instead of looking up the price.
  • Use multiple date search, you can search for multiple dates for the same departure and destination cities this will help you to find on which dates the fly coast is very cheap. all you have to do it to put your destination and departure cities and look in the calendar, you will find the calendar on the right side of the front page click on it and you will get your prices for a month.

Here you can find the days on which you can get the lower price, these lower prices are shown in green which makes it easier to select.

  • you can also select the duration of your trip which can be done by using the arrows which you can find at the bottom of the calendar box
  • Insights, these features of google flight will help you to find how you can save money on flights.


  • Dates in the date box you will find a price graph which will help you to get the prices of different dates. price higher than the selected date will be red and price lower than that will

Be green.

  • Price Graphs the graph shows you with 2-month wroth prices, this will help you to find the trend and will help you to find the affordable rate fight on a particular date
  • Airports these options helps you to find any other airport near to you from which you can get cheaper flights
  • there are some of the packages like vacation package in which multiple flights are managed which will help you to cheaper fly costs and in addition to this, some packages also include hostels booking also.



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