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How to Book a Long Layover and Get More Travel in One Trip 

We frequently look to reach our destinations as fast as possible with the least number of stops. Be that as it may, now and again it tends to be amusing to investigate another city while in transit to your final destination at no extra expense. 

If there’s anything more awful than long-distance flying, it’s knowing you’re making a layover in an interesting destination, yet can’t visit it. For the wayfarer at heart, this is small-scale heartbreak. 

Fortunately, airlines have started to get on this. Nations overall are more than quick to transform passing-through travelers into cash-wielding tourists, regardless of whether just for a couple of days. 

The good news? You can create a multi-day stopover all alone. Here’s a finished rundown of airlines that offer free multi-day layovers, and how to book them yourself! 

How to Book a Long Layover

A few airlines will advertise their long layover programs while others let customers book an itinerary at full circle costs in numerous urban areas. Here’s how you can function out a long layover on one of your trips for practically zero expense to you. 

Pick your destination and your origin. This is the initial step for planning any vacation or business trip. Select your final destination and where it is you’ll have to go in request to get there (your origin). 

Search for full circle trips. Whenever you’ve chosen where you’ll be going, it’s an ideal opportunity to start your search for full circle flights. Attachment your information to your online travel agent of the decision to find your most ideal alternatives. 

Locate a typical connecting city. After you’ve connected your locations. You can take a gander at a portion of the connecting urban areas while in transit to your final destination. You’re probably going to get several outcomes. Browse one of these exciting urban communities to add to your itinerary for an extra piece of adventure on your trip. 

Pick the best trip with a long layover. Whenever you’ve picked your extra stop, it’s an ideal opportunity to start searching for the most ideal trips with a long layover. Look through your alternatives in the search engine to find a trip with layover choices long enough for you to investigate. 

Try not to be afraid to ask for help. Because most travelers want the briefest layover conceivable, it very well may be hard to find these long layover flights. Try not to be afraid to call your travel agent, airline, or online flight booking tool for help securing a longer layover. 

What are the different types of long layovers? 

One sort of long layover is a layover forced by the airline, meaning you’ve gotten one ticket and a layover is part of the itinerary. In these cases, the layover may just be a couple of hours or it very well may be an entire day or more. 

To take advantage of this kind of layover, just pick an itinerary with a long stopover on the same ticket. Take that Boston to Sydney flight. For example—if you needed to book everything on one ticket. You could pick a trip with a 19-hour stopover in Hawaii regardless of whether more limited flights are available. 

The other main kind of layover is one you decide to create by booking two separate tickets. 


Layovers are a nearly inevitable part of traveling internationally. This means many travelers frequently find themselves with a couple of hours to spend in an airport in the middle of flights. While these short layovers may be a small inconvenience, longer layovers (9+ hours) can be a chance. 

Adding a long layover, also called a stopover. In the middle of flights is one of the easiest ways to see more of the world in one trip. And you don’t have to be a super savvy traveler to do it.

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