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Google flight is one of the most powerful flight search engines which you can find, this makes you flight booking process very easy and handy. The google flight is one of the best way you can find cheap flights.

the google flight not actually books flights but provides you complete information about the flight you are looking for and once you get satisfied by the facilities provided by the airline, google flight redirects you to their platform.




  • google flights allows you to find out the cheapest flight between your departure and destination
  • the best feature of the google flight is its calendar, on which you have can track the fare of any flight for 12 months, you can find out at what time the prices are lowest and similarly at what time the prices are highest.
  • the Google flight is very fast and it accurate than any flight search engine, and this displays months’ worth of fares in fractions of a seconds
  • The alerts feature of google will help you to get notified whenever there is any change the price of the fares of any of the flight.

Book cheap flights

  • go to google flights and you have to mention where you have to go or simply your destination
  • the next you have to specify where you have to go, for this you have to click on the date line and google will open calendar for you, these calendar will display the cheapest prices for everyday of the month.

Ex- the departure at LA and the destination is OSAKA and according to the monthly calendar, the cheapest flight in January is $515.

  • Flight to layover cities you have save money by doing this all you have to do is to divide your journey into different parts, you have to book two different and separate legs and made pout side trip out of the layover city. Now in order to do so you have to check the cheapest city form your departure which is nearest to your destination city and form that city you have to book again a complete new flight to your destination, this is the best way you can save money on your fly costs.

Here one thing to note is that never book any flight which is less than 4 hours of journey

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