Google flight is one of the best tools which you can use to find the best flight for you. This is the best tool and puts all the related information which you will require in order to find the best flight for you. This article is all about sharing with you some of the secrets you should know about the google flight.


  • Find a new destination, while you are finding your destination there can be two situation
  • you can start travelling and you are not clear about which destination to start, right when you open the google flight it will come up with some of the most popular destinations which are featured since they provide you with best in class deals
  • you know your destination and you are searching for your starting point, put up your destination and you will come up with map which will specify the number of airports with their cost to fly
  • the google flight is one of the best in the class tool if you are looking for a random adventure at a very low price, all you have to do is to click on the explore map and then you have to click on “ I am feeling lucky” google will find out best trips for you.
  • reduce your fly cost with specifying day, all you just type out some specific dates instead of doing that you can click the date area which will bring you out some of the dates on which you can get the cheapest flight, this will be done by showing you the whole calendar with dates and fly rates
  • the best flight, when this is not too urgent than finding cheapest dates and cheapest destination will be great, but in today’s world hardly anyone has time, whenever you are in rush google flight tool helps you to find out the best possible flight which will take the least time to reach the destination and in addition to this it will be the cheapest flight, put your destination and day on which you want to go and rest works google will do for you.
  • about the price drop:- google has the Track price option at the bottom, which continually monitors the prices and will email you even ever they drop, this is done by google now app if you install it in the phone you can get all the specified alerts

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